Welcome to pytest-django’s documentation!

pytest-django is a plugin for pytest that provides a set of useful tools for testing Django applications and projects.

Why would I use this instead of Django’s manage.py test command?

Running the test suite with pytest offers some features that are not present in Django’s standard test mechanism:

  • Less boilerplate: no need to import unittest, create a subclass with methods. Just write tests as regular functions.
  • Manage test dependencies with fixtures
  • Database re-use: no need to re-create the test database for every test run.
  • Run tests in multiple processes for increased speed
  • There are a lot of other nice plugins available for pytest.
  • Easy switching: Existing unittest-style tests will still work without any modifications.

See the pytest documentation for more information on pytest.

Quick Start

  1. pip install pytest-django
  2. Make sure DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE is defined and and run tests with the pytest command.
  3. (Optionally) If you put your tests under a tests directory (the standard Django application layout), and your files are not named test_FOO.py, see the FAQ My tests are not being found. Why not?.

Bugs? Feature suggestions?

Report issues and feature requests at the github issue tracker.

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